AlexVOiceover is the voice of your project

Vocal Training

La perfección tras el esfuerzo. La perfección tras el esfuerzo. La perfección tras el esfuerzo...

La perfección tras el esfuerzo

This is an eloquent turn of phrase used frequently in Spain to mean perfection following from hard work.

Technical Expert

The best training inside and outside of the recording studio.

IT Engineer

I am an IT engineer who specialises in sound and image. In addition, I also take part in music production master classes on a regular basis. No matter what your requirements are, you can be sure that you will always get the same level of sound quality you expect from big productions.

Always on time

Your project delivered on time, fulfilling your requirements

Project Manager experience

I have more than six years experience leading bespoke software projects, from complete ERP’s to small apps. Once all of your specifications are agreed and I am aware of the required completion date, you can expect nothing less than results that will exceed your expectations.

Previous Clients


Thanks for delivering on time and for your great voice. Looks like it is exactly what we need. Your piano playing is just great, thank you for initiative.
Kirill Kliushkin, Alconost Inc
You did really great work on the 3M thing so you’re at the top of my list!
Steven Collazo, Dumb Yank Productions
Un proyecto tan largo y complejo como el nuestro requería una gestión impecable. Por otro lado buscábamos cercanía en la voz ya que en temas médicos la confianza del paciente es crucial, no podríamos estar más satisfechos al respecto.
Gustavo Rodríguez, Appsy Healthcare

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