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A full equipped studio to deliver broadcast quality audio.

  • Neumann U87
  • SE Electronics Gemini II (Upgraded with Electro Harmonix Gold Valves)
  • Shure SM58
  • AMS Neve 8801
  • TC Electronic Gold Channel
  • RME Fireface UCX
  • Pro Tools X/XI
  • Logic Pro X
  • Waves Gold Plugins
  • Sonnox Plugins
  • SE Electronics Pop Filter
  • SE Electronics  Reflexion Filter Pro
  • EQ Acoustics Treatment (walls, ceiling and desk)
  • Alesis M1 MK2
  • Beyerdynamic DT100 (Recording)
  • AKG Q-701 (Post Pro)
  • Source Connect
  • SessionLink Pro
  • Skype

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